Available puppies

Wow! We love Goldens and apparently so do a lot of people! We have over 75 families on our wait-list, so we have decided to close it temporarily. We will update our website and social media when we decide to re-open the wait-list again. 

We are planning to have one litter of puppies this summer 2021, as well as at least two litters of puppies in 2022. 

For all our puppies, we always make sure they have their first set of shots, three rounds of deworming, and an individual vet exam before you take them home. We also work on crate training the puppies. 

You can reach us by filling out the online form on the Contact page of our website. And if you want to see photos of the most recent litter, Firefly Litter, click the button below!

Nala being playful on a sunny day

Firefly Litter puppy

Some of Otis Beach Litter pups at 8 weeks old

Nala being playful on a sunny day